California State University, San Bernardino shall maintain a standing University Diversity Committee (UDC) which reports to the university president. The UDC is composed of a cross section of university representatives, including key administrators appointed by the president, five faculty members appointed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, four students appointed by Associated Students, and four university employees appointed by the Administrative Council. The length of appointment will be staggered between one-year and two-year terms. The president shall appoint the chair from the UDC membership for a two-year term.

It is the mission of the UDC to foster an academic community which reflects the values set forth in the Statement of Commitment to Diversity.

The goals of the Committee are as follows:

  • Maintain the principles expressed in the Statement of Commitment to Diversity.
  • Advise the CSUSB president on all matters and issues of diversity.
  • Facilitate and promote ongoing opportunities for public discussion relating to diversity.
  • Promote the enhancement of educational programs to reflect pluralistic values and goals.
  • Collect, assess, and disseminate data on campus climate, attitudes toward diversity, and group interactions.
  • Create an environment which fosters behaviors that model an appreciation of diversity.
  • Promote the development and communication of policies and procedures for seeking redress as a means of resolving disputes and conflicts.
  • Review the Committee goals and objectives, establish short-term goals, and revise long-term goals on an annual basis.
  • Report annually on the work of the Committee and the progress made toward the stated goals.


UDC Resolution