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Practice Based Placement

Hands-on Practical Experience

In preparation to becoming a counselor, in all settings, hands-on practical experience is a must. Our graduate program builds in many opportunities where you will practice the skills you are learning in classroom settings. Depending on your concentration, there could be as few as two semesters or as many as four semesters of placement required as a part of the degree with each class placing you in the heart of a school or community counseling setting to learn, observe and practice.

While at times you might feel stretched and challenged, you are never out there practicing alone! You are being supported and supervised by both an on-site seasoned counselor and a university supervisor. Classroom support at the university occurs throughout the term to sustain the learning environment through reflecting on your own responses, feelings and practices in practice settings. It is often the practice based placement classes that allow you to develop a professional identity and even open doors to future job offers.

Practice based placement coursework is only part of the hands-on training that are a part of the CSUSB program. Many courses build in practical experiences to prepare you to counseling skills and theories. Students undertake at least two practice classes working one-on-one with clients to hone their counseling skills. Counseling students also have the exciting opportunity to run support groups as a yet another class that integrates practice and theory. All are geared to give you the tools, support and training to become a competent and wise counselor.

If you have any questions regarding fieldwork and placement, please reach out to the following email address:

Dr. Diana Camilo
Assistant Professor & Fieldwork Coordinator
Phone 909 537-3667
Room COE 380

Here’s what some of our students have commented about their practical fieldwork experiences:

  • “This past quarter I learned that high school is the grade I want to counsel. I enjoyed working with the students on a one to one basis. I felt that I was able to relate to and assist the students I met with.”
  • “My personal goal throughout the quarter was to gain as much experience as possible and learn as much as possible. I believe that I made very good inroads to those goals and it can only get better in the coming quarters of fieldwork.”
  • “I was anxious to begin my new learning experience, but did not realize how much I had to dive into. It took a lot of note taking, a lot of running around, and a great amount of multi-tasking.”
  • “I really have been gaining nothing but the best out of my field experiences by way of hands-on learning. Even in trying circumstances I am able to walk away from these experiences with a new lesson learned.”
  • “I learned that I could become involved in something as big as a child’s future and that was life-changing for me.”
  • “I feel as I complete each fieldwork that they will provide with different pieces of the counseling puzzle that in the end will make me a complete and whole counselor.”

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