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Counseling Graduate Student Association - CSUSB

Welcome to CGSA!

The Counseling Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is a graduate student-led association that supports and enhances counseling graduate students' academic and social experiences. CGSA creates a community among counseling graduate students as a student-led initiative, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. CGSA serves as a representative body for counseling graduate students, advocating for their interests and needs within the academic institution.

CGSA plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall graduate school experience for counseling students by facilitating connections, offering support, and promoting a sense of belonging within the counseling community. 



Instagram: cgsa_csusb

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Meet the team below!


Picture of Grace Ramilo

Grace Ramilo


Png of Cody Coyote

Priscilla Chavez

Vice President

png of Cody Coyote

Isela Friedman

Director of Administration

png of Cody coyote

Leah Borja

Director of Communications

png of Cody Coyote

Jasmine Jones

Director of Special Events

png Cody Coyote

Crystal Lam 

Director of Outreach

png of Cody Coyote

Mariela M

Director of Finance

png of Cody Coyote

Katie Lumsden

Director of Programs

Picture of Dr. Jennifer Carhart

Dra. Jennifer Carhart 

Faculty Club Advisor