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CIAC maintains several tools to help members collaborate on articulation-related projects.

Google Shared Drive

Google drive

The CIAC Shared Drive stores the CIAC Directory, annual conference documents, and other relevant files.  Members can use Docs, Sheets, and Slides to create collaborative documents that are accessible anywhere.

Drive access must be requested by the current articulation officer via this form.

Please verify before you submit the form that the email address you are using has Google access.


mail icon

The CIAC Listserv is a forum for discussing topics relevant to the world of articulation.  It is a private email list maintained by Kara Maas, Articulation Officer at Chico State.

Requests to add email addresses to the listserv must be sent by the campus articulation officer to Kara Maas.

To post a message to the CIAC Listserv, please address your post to

Because not all subscribers receive full header information, we ask that you include your signature block (your name, position, institution, email address, and phone number) at the end of your message. If you have any problems with the CIAC listserv, please contact Kara Maas directly.

The instructions for accessing the CIAC Listserv archives are located in the shared drive.