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Celebration of Teaching Sponsors

Meet the Celebration of Teaching Sponsors

The Celebration of Teaching event at CSUSB is generously sponsored by the Watson College of Education and the College of Natural Sciences. These colleges are pivotal in shaping future educators and fostering an environment that supports educational excellence. The Watson College of Education, known for its commitment to developing effective educators, counselors, and leaders, collaborates with the College of Natural Sciences to host this inspiring event. Together, they offer a platform for aspiring teachers to explore their potential and learn about the rewards of a teaching career.


Watson College of Education

CSUSB Watson College of Education

Welcome to the James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education at CSUSB. Our mission is to emerge as the premier provider of teachers, counselors, and educational leaders. Committed to impacting Southern California and beyond, we strive to serve our communities with passion, compassion, and excellence. Our diverse programs are crafted to equip graduates with necessary skills and knowledge, fostering significant contributions to educational fields. Join us in our exciting journey towards shaping the future of education. Discover more about our mission and offerings by visiting our website,


College of Natural Sciences Building

The College of Natural Sciences

Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences at CSUSB! We are proud to encompass nine vibrant departments dedicated to advancing knowledge in diverse scientific fields. Our community thrives on modern laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment, fostering cutting-edge research and innovative learning. Our commitment to excellence extends to our fundraising efforts, ensuring our scholars and students have the resources to excel. Join us in our mission to contribute to a technology-dependent society and shape the future of scientific discovery. For more details, visit the College of Natural Sciences.