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Celebration of Teaching Planning Committee

Committee Excellence: Crafting the Celebration of Teaching

At the heart of the Celebration of Teaching event, stands our esteemed Planning Committee. This dedicated group of professionals is committed to orchestrating an event that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of all attendees. Our committee is composed of leaders and experts who are instrumental in the planning and success of the event:

Celebration of Teaching

  • Aitua Ogiamien, Director of Marketing, Watson College of Education 
  • Arlena Allende, Program Admissions Advisor, Watson College of Education
  • Shelia Braggs, Program Admissions Advisor, Watson College of Education
  • Delphine Galba-Bright, Administrative Support Coordinator II, Watson College of Education
  • David MaynardLecturer, College of Natural Sciences
  • George Vigil, Director, Marketing and Administrative Operations, College of Natural Sciences
  • Yolanda Thomas, Administrative Support Coordinator, College of Natural Sciences
  • Vernica Dees, PATHS Program Manager

This celebration is a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for education. Each member brings unique skills and insights, ensuring a comprehensive approach to summit planning and execution.