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Media Relations & Publicity

Whether you’re a journalist who needs expert comment for a breaking story or a researcher with scientific findings that warrant news coverage, the CSUSB Office of Strategic Communication (OSC) can help. Our staff understands how the news business works and can provide a variety of services to meet your needs.

OSC is the primary media relations office for Cal State San Bernardino. The office is responsible for disseminating news about the university and responding to media inquiries. It is the place to send information and seek assistance in dealing with the news media.


  • Initiating news coverage
  • Responding to media requests for information, story ideas and faculty experts
  • Producing and distributing news about research activities, people and programs
  • Producing and distributing news and publicity photos
  • Arranging interviews and media visits for faculty and staff
  • Advising colleges, departments and individuals on media and public relations
  • Providing media training to prepare faculty and staff to deal more effectively with the media
  • Assisting in the preparation of publications
  • Calling and coordinating news conferences, when appropriate
  • Reporting CSUSB News

OSC is organized and functions much like a news bureau for a major newspaper or television station. Our staff writers keep up with newsworthy developments campuswide and identify CSUSB experts with the help of faculty, staff and students.

It is vital that OSC staff be alerted to a potential news story as early as possible. In an emergency, we must act immediately. On other news, time is required to gather information and notify the news media and allow them to find space for the story.

The effective dissemination and management of news requires planning, which in turn requires advance notice of newsworthy events. Sensitive information will be kept completely confidential.

Not all information is news. Each potential story will be evaluated by our staff to determine the interest among the media and other constituents.

How to get started?

Use our Request Services form on our website.

Once writers have identified a story, our editor team will determine the best methods to disseminate the news. This may include:

  • A news release (print or broadcast)
  • Accompanying photographs, if warranted
  • Tip sheets to reporters and editors nationwide
  • Personal contact with reporters and editors
  • Accompanying faculty or staff to professional meetings or interviews
  • A news conference
  • A faculty – or staff-written opinion piece

Media Contacts

Bob Tenczar
Associate Vice President
(909) 537-5007
Cell (909) 936-5074

Alan Llavore
Senior Media Relations Specialist
(909) 537-3010
Cell (951) 236-4522