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Processes and Guidelines

Budget Request Process

Academic Affairs colleges and departments requesting permanent or one-time funding in addition to their current baseline can do so by submitting a completed and signed budget request form (found under Resources) along with supporting documentation to Please ensure that you have reviewed the guidelines below:


Faculty Additional Pay Process

As a condition of the Unit 3 CBA and system policy, the Chancellor’s Office limits faculty from working more than 125% on all employment paid through the CSU or any of its auxiliaries (e.g., CEGE, University appointment, grants, and contracts) within a given period.

The CBA allows up to 25% overload if the additional employment:

  1. Consists of employment of a substantially different nature from the primary or normal work assignment or
  2. is funded from non-general fund sources or
  3. is the result of part-time employment on more than one campus.

Overload limitations and calculations are based on time-base, not salary. When applying the limitations of the Additional Employment Policy to academic year employees, the time-base is calculated based on the number of hours within each work/break period, as follows: Academic Work Days: Faculty may work up to an additional 25% during academic workdays.

*Break: Faculty in academic year assignments may work one full-time and one appointment not to exceed 25% on campus-funded activities working on grants and contracts, if one of the three tests listed above is met by the appointments. Any one appointment may not exceed full-time; for example, a faculty member cannot be appointed above full-time to one grant.

For 12 month faculty, the time-base is calculated based as follows: the general rule is that the 25% overload is calculated on a weekly basis, allowing ten hours per week for additional employment. Faculty in additional appointments paid at a daily rate (e.g., Special Consultant) are considered to have worked a full (8-hour) day for each day charged, regardless of the number of hours reported. Normally, when using a daily rate appointment in addition to a full-time primary appointment, the number of days of additional appointment should not exceed a monthly average of one day per week.  Please contact the college AA/S if you have questions regarding the calculations for additional pay.

Please review the Faculty Additional Pay Guidelines for Academic Affairs. Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to Joselyn Yap via email at or phone call (909) 537-7350.


Hospitality Guidelines

The Office of Academic Budget and Planning has created the following guidelines for processing hospitality for the Division of Academic Affairs.

  1. Hospitality Pre-Approval Form will need to be filled out at least 2 weeks prior to the event for review of estimated expenditures. Please review the Hospitality Pre-Approval Guidelines for full details.
  2. Once the pre-approval form has been approved please attach it to the completed Hospitality Expense Approval Form.

Per the hospitality policy, please note that the Provost, or approved delegate, will review and sign-off on the hospitality expense approval form that is in accordance with a clear CSU business purpose, with no personal benefit derived to the employees, is cost-effective, and in accordance with the best use of public funds.


  • The requested information is filled out accurately and completely to avoid delays
  • The correct account chartfield string is being used
  • Attach agenda or schedule of events including a statement detailing the benefits to be derived
  • Attach a list of attendees is attached 
  • Attach the relevant quote/expense is attached 
  • If alcohol was purchased, make sure the amount plus the tax is deducted from the overall amount
    • Alcohol can be reimbursed through auxiliary funds, not through state funds


  • Once forms are completed, forward to Please be sure to attach the completed pre-approval form when submitting the hospitality expense form for processing.

*For updates on signatures, please email us at