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Org. Chart Workflow

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Basic Workflow Chart


1. Identify Funding Opportunity >>  2. Proposal Submission>>  3. Award Received>>  4. Award Management >>  5. Award End

Post Award

Org. Chart Workflow

Post Award Process (ADA Caption)

Research Path

  1. SPA Director: Reviews award and prepares documents for acceptance or rejection.
  2. Research Analyst: Establish accounts, notify P.I. (Principal Investigator) of awards, monitors activities, review award document for compliance issues, document cost share, monitor effort reporting, prepare sub-contracts, etc.
  3. Review of Documents for Compliance and Funds Availability.
  4. General Accounting - AP, AR, asset managment, cash managment, Agency Reports
    1. Accounts Payable: Process payments, disbursements -send to vendor
    2. Accounts Receivable: Prepare Invoices & Collect Payments - send invoices to Awarding Agency - receive fiscal and program reports
      Awarding Agency - sends payments to Accounts Receiveable
    3. Fiscal Reports - sends fiscal reports to Awarding Agency

Project Director (P.I.) Path

  1. Responsible for conducting research/training, prepare and authorize transactions, submit program reports to funding agency and copy to RA, provide cost share and effort documentation to SPA.
  2. Submit Documents to Research Analyst for review of ducments for compliance and funds availability.
  3. Forward documents to Awarding Agency.