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Matthew Des Lauriers

Matthew Des Lauriers

Associate Professor, Instructional Faculty, Summer Session - Extension Director, Applied Archaeology Program


Associate Professor
Office Phone(909) 537-5551
Office LocationSB-323

Office Hours

Tuesday: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


In addition to having conducted ground-breaking research on the archaeology of Isla Cedros, Baja California.  His first book, Island of Fogs (2010), based on that research, won the prestigious Book of the Year award from the Society for American Archaeology.  His research focuses geographically on the archaeology of Western North America, especially its desert regions; thematically he works on issues of hunting and gathering populations, migration, human ecology, ancient technologies, and traditional knowledge systems.  Prior to joining the faculty at CSUSB, Dr. Des Lauriers was part of the CSU, Northridge faculty in Anthropology for 15 years.  Further strengthening the graduate program in Applied Archaeology, getting students involved in research, and enhancing the community outreach of the program are all near-term goals for Dr. Des Lauriers at CSUSB.


1999 B.A. in Anthropology; California State University, Bakersfield

2001 M.A. in Anthropology; University of California, Riverside

2005 Ph.D in Anthropology; University of California, Riverside


Anthropology 6013 Cultural Resources Laws, Ethics, and Procedures

Anthropology 3014R/6003 California Archaeology


Coastal Archaeology of Baja California

Initial Arrival of Humans in the Americas

Rapid Environmental Change in Arid Environments

Human Migration

Landscape Learning

Transmission of Knowledge


Research and Teaching Interests

The TWO Californias (Baja and Alta)

Lithic Technology

Peopling of the New World


Mojave Desert

The Great Basin

Cultural Resource Management

Challenging Orthodoxy