CSUSB Alert: Power is out on the San Bernardino Campus

An unplanned regional power outage impacting the San Bernardino campus occurred shortly after 2 p.m; all operations will be closed the rest of today. Normal operations will resume Thursday.

Facilities Management will monitor the situation and respond to campus building issues once power is restored. 

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We offer several different calendar subscriptions for students, faculty, and staff, including one which contains all the dates in our new University Calendar. This calendar contains all the Academic Calendar dates, along with other familiar important dates such as pay days for staff and students, Financial-related dates, deadlines and more. Select your calendar system or device type and follow the instructions to connect with the calendar of your choosing. You need only subscribe once. If a date changes, so will your calendar. If a date is added or removed, you'll inherit it.

How to Subscribe Using:

Step 1
Staff and Faculty can subscribe via Outlook for the web.
Students can subscribe using the Google instructions
Step 2

Select Calendars tab

Web Outlook calendar icon
Step 3

Select 'Add calendar' button at the top left underneath the mini calendar. Then select "Subscribe from web" on the side menu.

"Add Calendar" screenshot from Outlook Web App"Subscribe from web" location screenshot from Outlook Web App
Step 4

Copy and paste, or enter the URL of the calendar feed you want. Use webcal protocol instead of https. Select "Import" once you have entered the URL of the calendar you would like to subscribe to. 

Subscription Descriptions

Student Subscription Description

Subscribing to the Student calendar will provide you with dates from the following categories:

  • Academic Term
  • Campus Closed
  • Deadlines
  • Final Exams
  • Financial
  • No Classes
  • Pay Days (state-side student assistants)
  • Registration
  • Term Breaks
  • Special Events