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Announcements for Students

These are quick summaries. For further information, inquire at the Department Office (UH 235).

Support and Study

  • Quick Guide to Undergraduate Diversity Issues in Philosophy from the American Philosophical Association. 
  • Carleton College sponsors a semester program of Buddhist studies (and meditation) in Bodh Gaya India. It's expensive but cool. 
  • Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program.The CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program provides loans to support doctoral studies. These loans are gradually 'forgiven' if the receipient goes on to teach full-time in the CSU. 
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Faculty/Student Grant.The faculty/Student grant supports joint faculty/student research. 
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Student Grant.The Office of Student Research Student Grant funds research beyond the classroom.(items with deadlines past for this year, but something to think about) 
  • American Philosophical Association: Summer Institutes.The APA sponsers a number of summer undergraduate diversity institutes in philosophy. These are a great opportunity and free to accepted students. 
  • Colorado Summer Seminar in PhilosophyThe university of Colorado, Boulder summer seminar in philosophy is intended for outstanding undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. 
  • Carnegie-Mellon University: Summer School in Logic and Formal EpistemologyThe Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology cool. A pair of CSUSB students attended summer 2016. 
  • Munich Center For Mathematical Philosophy: Summer School for Female StudentsThe Summer School in Mathematial Philosophy for Female Students is held in Munich Germany. A CSUSB student attended summer 2016. 
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Student Research and Travel.The CSUSB Office of Student Research suppports  . Application deadlines are distributed over the year. In addition there is an online application
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Pre-Doctoral Program.The   provides financial assistance for students interested in exploring and preparing for a doctoral program. 

Undergraduate Publications and Conferences

Graduate Study