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News from the Philosophy Department

New Books by Philosophy Department Authors

David Hume on Miracles, Evidence, and Probability

Prof. Bill Vanderburgh's book, David Hume on Miracles, Evidence, and Probability was published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2019. A paperback edition followed the next year.

Introduction to Asian Philosophy

Prof. Joseph Dowd's introductory textbook on Asian philosophy was published in 2020 by Kendall Hunt.

The Problem of Affective Nihilism in Nietzsche

Prof. Kaitlyn Creasy's book on nihilism in Nietzsche was published in 2020 by Palgrave.

Knowledge and Reality in Nine Questions

Prof. Matthew Davidson's introductory text on knowledge and reality was published early in 2021 by Bloomsbury Press.

Philosophy Faculty in the News

Prof. Kaitlyn Creasy has been awarded the prestigious American Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship from the American Association of University Women. It will fund her project on stubborn social emotions and their harms.

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia was nominated and elected to serve a three-year appointment on the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Hispanics/Latinxs beginning in July of 2021.

Prof. Bill Vanderburgh will present a talk on "What We Don't Know Could Fill the Universe - And It Does" at the Lichtenberg Seminar in the History and Philosophy of Physics, University of Bonn (Germany) on June 29, 2021.

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia will present a paper on, ‘Belief Content and Rationality: Why Racist Beliefs Are Not Rational’ at The New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society on 5/21/2021.

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia and his work were featured on an episode of the Always Already, political theory podcast.

Prof. Bill Vanderburgh gave an invited conference presentation, "Multi-Messenger Metaphysics: Evidence and Inference in Astrophysics and Cosmology," at the Philosophy of Dark Matter Workshop organized by the Epistemology of the LHC research collaboration and the Lichtenberg Group for the History and Philosophy of Physics, March 29, 2021 (via Zoom).

Prof. Bill Vanderburgh was an invited discussion panelist for Sabine Hossenfelder's "Is Dark Matter Real?" in the Golden Webinar series sponsored by the Instituto de Astrofisica, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, March 19, 2021 (via Zoom).

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia’s work on racial injustice and the news was featured on an episode of the Philosophy In Color podcast. It was released March 5.

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia presented, “Vindicating Cross-Generational Blame: Why Protestors Appropriately Topple Monuments of Columbus and Robert E. Lee,” at the University of Texas at El Paso’s Struggle and Liberation conference on March 4.

Prof. Eric Bayruns Garcia presented “Belief content and Rationality: Why Racist Beliefs Are Not Rational,” at the City University of New York’s Logic and Metaphysics workshop on March15.

Prof. Hector Guzman Orozco’s (paper "Multi-Centered Worlds, Limited Accessibility and Ways of Believing" was accepted for publication in the journal Philosophia