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Our Team


Assistant Director

James Trotter
(909) 537-5063

Photo of Mihaela Popescu
Faculty Director, Extended REALity for Learning (xREAL) Lab

Mihaela Popescu, Ph.D.
(909) 537-5862

Marcy Iniguez
Administrative Support Coordinator II

Marcy Iniguez
(909) 537-4206


Administrative Support Assistant I

Ashleea Holloway 

Accessible Technology Services

Assistive Technologist

Kevin Cleppe
(909) 537-4345

Digital Content Accessibility Specialist

John Whitley, Jr., M.Ed. 
(909) 537-7282

Accessible Procurement Consultant

Tiffany Talley
(909) 537-4599

Web Accessibility Coordinator

John Baumann
(909) 537-7352

Instructional Technology

Information Technology Consultant

Thinh Ly

Dmitriy Astakhov
Videographer, Graphic and Web Designer

Dmitriy Astakhov
(909) 537-7439

XR Lead Programmer
VR Programmer

Bobby Laudeman
(909) 537-4277


XR Instructional Technology Developer

Yutong Liu
(909) 537-4573