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Graduate Programs


The Traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at CSUSB consists of 48 quarter units designed for both full time students and the working professional. 

Management Department Professor Pelletier in classroom


Focus Area - Management

Focuses on human behavior aspects of organizations such as communication, motivation, leadership, group and team performance, and employee selection, and prepares individuals for a variety of careers in the management and human resource fields.Required Courses (5), chosen from the following:

ADMN 580A-E    Doing Business Internationally

MGMT 601O         Organizational Theory and Behavior

MGMT 6410          Managing Human Resources    

MGMT 6420          Communication and Interpersonal Processes    

MGMT 6440          Industrial Relations    

MGMT 6450          Negotiation and Bargaining    

MGMT 6500          Managing and Leading Global Business    

MGMT 6550          Leadership for Modern Organizations    

MGMT 6600          Managing Teams in the Workplace    

MGMT 6900          Advanced Topics in Management    

COMM 5220          Mediation Theory and Practice