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What is a focus?

A focus includes courses that are in a specific area such as Math, Science, Art, etc. A focus does not mean that you will teach that subject, it is only to gain knowledge in a specific area in order to meet the unit requirement for graduation. 

How can I get my certificate of clearance?

1. You will need to fill out the request for livescan form with all required fields which have asterisks.

2. Take this form to any livescan location. (UPS stores are pretty common to get them done) Cost is about $70.00.

3. Then student will need to go onto the CTC website and apply for a Certificate of Clearance . This should be completed within a week after you process your livescan. It cost about $50.00.

4. Finally the student should be able to print their certificate.*Students should do this ASAP because each document has its own wait time.

Where can I get more information about credentialing?

For more information on Multiple Subject Credentialing, please call or email Arlene Allende at

Which classes require a permit?

The classes that require a permit are: CAL 5951 (HUM 397), CAL 4970 (HUM 497), CAL 5951 (HUM 595), CAL 5970. Limited permits available for Liberal Studies science labs. Please inquire via email at 

What is the CBEST?

California Basic Education Skills Test. This test is needed to enter into the credential program, but this exam, along with your BA, allows you to substitute teach. - There are 3 sections: Reading, Math, and Writing. You have 4 hours to do with it what you please; whether that's taking all 3 sections or only doing one section. Keep in mind whatever you didn't take or pass you would register/pay for again. - The school provides a free study session for this exam or you could study online with the practice test or buy the study books. - This exam is available in both paper and computer testing; paper is more cost efficient but results take about 3 weeks. Computer is a pretty penny but results arrive faster. (Keep in mind computer doesn't mean you will take the test from home, it means you will go to a test location and take it on a computer versus paper).

What is Liberal Studies good for?

Whatever you want it to be..

What is the new question?
When do I need to file a grad check?

Visit the website provided for more information on grad checks. Graduation Requirement Check 

What GPA is needed for admission into the credentialing program?

Students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.67 in order to be admitted to the Multiple Subject Integrated Track Credential Program.

What is the CSET?

California Subject Examinations for Teachers. The CSET you take is CSET Multiple Subjects. This test is also needed to enter into the credential program. There are 3 subtest: -Subtest l: Reading, Language, Literature, History and Social Science.-Subtest ll: Science and Math-Subtest lll: Physical Education, Human Development, Visual and Performing Arts- CSET subtests cost $99 taken individually and $247 if taken all together.You may register to take any one subtest or all three subtest in a a single test session. If you take them all in one session it is 5 hours. Subtest l & ll are 3 hours per subtest and Subtest lll is 2 hours and 15 mins. To study for this exam you can buy the book, register for the review session the school sponsors, or practice online. This exam is only available through computer testing.It's recommended to take your CBEST first  and then your CSET's.