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What is a concentration?

A focus includes courses that are in a specific area such as Math, Science, Art, etc. A focus does not mean that you will teach that subject, it is only to gain knowledge in a specific area in order to meet the unit requirement for graduation. 

What is a specialty?

Just a test.

What is a focus field?

A focus

Some Questions about MyCAP

What is MyCAP?

MyCAP is a tool that all students at CSUSB have access to, students use it to plan what term they would like to take their courses in. MyCAP allows you to plan on the right-hand side of the program while the left has your PAWS open showing you which classes you need as well as which courses you have taken and are in progress with. You can plan out from the upcoming term all the way to the term you are planning on graduating in.

What's in it for Me?

Well... have you ever been so frustrated during registration time because you keep searching up classes that you need and you see that red circle with a "x" inside of it, letting us know that the course is filled up and there is no waitlist? Does that happen a lot? MyCAP is the tool that can help you and your fellow classmates. Why is that? Creating a MyCAP will help departments to plan course offerings to coincide with students' MyCAP planned course progression. This will make more courses available when students need and want them.

How can I create and fill out a MyCAP?

If you were not able to attend any of our MyCAP tutorial sessions, here is a video that can help you out - CSUSB - MyCAP tutorial

How can I get my certificate of clearance?

1. You will need to fill out the request for livescan form with all required fields which have asterisks. Request For Live Scan Form

2. Take this form to any livescan location. UPS stores are pretty common to get them done, at the Campus Police Station (Live Scan), or Live Scan Locations website. Cost is about $70.00.

3. Then student will need to go onto the CTC website and apply for a Certificate of Clearance . This should be completed within a week after you process your livescan. It cost about $50.00.

4. Finally the student should be able to print their certificate.*Students should do this ASAP because each document has its own wait time.

Which classes require a permit?

The classes that require a permit are: CAL 4970, 5951, 5952, 5953, 5954, 5955, 5956, and 5970. Please inquire via email at

Why can't I enroll in MATH 3011?

Complete LD (Lower Division) math requirement. If transfer credit appears on your PAWS as fulfilling your LD math contact Daiana Rodriguez at or email to receive more information regarding permits.

What is the CBEST?

California Basic Education Skills Test. This test is needed to enter into the credential program, but this exam, along with your BA, allows you to substitute teach. For more information about the CBEST, visit CTC Exams - CBEST.

What is the CSET?

California Subject Examinations for Teachers. The CSET you take is CSET Multiple Subjects. This test is also needed to enter into the credential program. It's recommended to take your CBEST first and then your CSET's. For more information about the CSET, visit CTC Exams - CSET.

Some Questions about Credentialing.

When do I apply for credentialing?

Multiple Subject-Fall 2021 Deadlines:

February 8th, 2021- Early Consideration

March 31st, 2021- Priority Consideration 

April 21, 2021- Late Consideration/Final Deadline 

Who should I contact for more information about credentialing?

For more information on:

  1. Multiple Subject Credentialing, please email Arlene Allende at or call at 909-537-5291. 
  2. Special Education Credentialing, please email Shelia Braggs at  or call at (909) 537-5621.
  3.  PDC Admissions Counselor, please call Brenda Machuca at 909-537-8109 or 760-341-2883 x78111

*Information Sessions have not been updated for 2021 

When do I need to file a grad check?

Visit the website provided for more information on grad checks. Graduation Requirement Check