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‘Stop the Hate Showcase’ set for SBVC Thurs., Nov. 30
Precinct Reporter
Nov. 23, 2023

Kathryn Ervin (theatre arts emerita) and Brian Levin (criminal justice emeritus) were quoted in an article about the upcoming “Stop the Hate Showcase,” to be held on Nov. 30 at San Bernardino Valley College. The free concert, the first in a series of events produced by the Precinct Reporter Group’s Stop the Hate project, features dance, poetry, film and spoken word, performed by a cadre of diverse artists with a common desire to use their art to bring about deeper understanding among cultures and heal hurt.

Ervin is the project director for the showcase; Levin is the founding director of the Cal State San Bernardino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism and a member of the California Commission on the State of Hate.

‘You’ve Got to Put the Student First:’ Faculty Advisors as Educators and Emotional Laborers in Community College Baccalaureate Contexts
Community College Review

Edna Martinez (associate vice president and administrator in charge of the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus) co-authored a study with Sharon Velarde Pierce (CSUSB public administration) and Isela Peña (education, University of Texas, El Paso). From the abstract: “Given funding concerns and heightened work expectations at baccalaureate degree-granting community colleges, we set out to understand faculty advisors’ emotional labor in such context.”

Improving Cognitive Abilities in School-Age Children via Computerized Cognitive Training: Examining the Effect of Extended Training Duration
Brain Sciences

Department of Child Development faculty Eugene H. Wong, Kevin P. Rosales and Lisa Looney published a study that examined “the efficacy of a cognitive training program implemented during the school day to improve abilities predictive of academic achievement” in which “ninety-five children completed two training activities that were counterbalanced across participants.”

Keep seeing bees everywhere? Here's what it could mean + what to do, from experts
Nov. 22, 2023

Jonathan Jay Dubois, an adjunct professor of anthropology at California State University, San Bernardino, was quoted in an article about the symbolic and cultural meaning of bees. The ancient Egyptians associated bees with royalty, being the symbol of the king in Lower Egypt, Dubois said. "Bees were believed to deliver secret messages to humans from the gods and could deliver healing, as well," he adds.

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