Associate professor of theatre arts, Kristi Papailler, shares how diversity has become part of the community at CSUSB. Papailler knows having a diverse faculty is crucial to students’ education.

Being a first-generation Haitian American, Papailler loves sharing her experiences with CSUSB students. She knows that she may be the only Haitian American that students know, and she feels it is vital to share her background and culture with others. Papailler believes that the exposure to diversity on campus is students’ passport to the world. Coming from a different culture growing up, she expresses how exposing students to different communities provides them with experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have. 

When selecting the college she wanted to work for, she knew right away that CSUSB was the university she wanted to represent because she saw diversity was the norm on campus, rather than the exception. Through diversity, Papailler continues to empower students to make them feel more confident and safe within the CSUSB family. 

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB and we are proud to represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.