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Preventing school shootings: Stop explaining what has been done and start identifying what has not
Fontana Herald-News
Oct. 19, 2023

Thomas McWeeney, director of the Institute for Public Management and Governance at the Jack Brown College for Business and Administration at Cal State San Bernardino, co-wrote an op-ed column for the community newspaper on school site safety and school shootings.

They wrote, in part, “By almost every measure, American schools are much safer than they were 20 years ago.

“Yet, in our current milieu, being ‘safer’ is not sufficient. Nor does it address America’s increasing sense of anxiety that schools are unsafe.”

Also working with him on the article were Stephanie F. Dailey, Ed.D., assistant professor in the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University, and Dale Watson, executive assistant director (ret.), counterterrorism and counterintelligence, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

US hate crimes are rising -- this is how to stop them
BBC News
Oct 19, 2023

Brian Levin, the founding director for the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, which produces its own reports on U.S. hate crimes data, was quoted in an article about hate crimes in the U.S. The nation has seen a "disturbing increase" across the board in violent hate crimes such as assaults and aggravated assaults in recent years, he said.

Over the past week, Levin said preliminary data suggests there has been an uptick in both anti-Muslim and antisemitic hate crimes, including hate speech online, after the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

"This wave is not cresting yet – this wave is swelling," he said. "If we're looking at a drawn-out conflict in the Middle East, this can be a terrible thing in regards to anti-Muslim and antisemitic hate crimes."

How politicians and others in the spotlight respond to world events can also make a big impact, said Levin.

JHHSM to host closing reception for ‘Floating Through History’ exhibit
Buckrail (Jackson Hole, Wyo.)
Oct. 20, 2023

An announcement on the Oct. 23 closing reception for the exhibit, “Floating Through History: Uncovering Stories Behind Scenic Rafting on the Upper Snake River,” mentioned that Yolonda Youngs (geography and environmental sciences) was part of the partnership that put together the exhibit with the Grand Teton National Park and the Snake River Fund. It is currently on display at the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Of the exhibit, the article reads: “Based on Dr. Youngs’ collaborative research with Grand Teton National Park, viewers are first invited to connect to the river with a brief history of the Snake River and the start of commercial, scenic rafting on the Upper Snake section. Viewers then meet many of the people and places key to early scenic rafting on the Upper Snake.”

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