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New faculty inclusion fellow position inaugurates a new era of disability inclusion
EIN Presswire
Sept. 27, 2023

California State University San Bernardino established the first Disability Inclusion fellow in the California State University system, called the Faculty Inclusion Fellow for Disability, Difference and Accommodation. Jess Block Nerren, communication studies full-time lecturer, named as the first Faculty Inclusion Fellow. Nerren is editor and contributing author to a 2022 scholarly book on disability inclusion, “Rethinking Perception and Centering the Voices of Unique Individuals: Reframing Autism Inclusion in Praxis.”

Holding it all together
Modern Pumping Today

Research into piezoelectric microfiber composite actuators at Cal State San Bernardino was cited as one of three case studies in an article about Master Bond EP31, a two-component epoxy-based resin that is primarily designed for bonding applications.

“Morphing wings are desired in aircraft applications due to their advantages compared with fixed wings, including being able to responsively adapt to aerodynamic drag,” the article reported. “Researchers from California State University at San Bernardino have developed two approaches for obtaining control surfaces (aerodynamic devices that allow pilots to adjust the flight attitude of an aircraft) on morphing wings using microfiber composite (MFC) actuators. The authors explored the effectiveness of using two bonding approaches: a flap approach in which the MFC actuator was bonded to each side of a metal substrate and a direct bonding approach in which MFC actuators were directly bonded to the Kevlar wing using Master Bond EP31.”

Though not specifically listed, the research came from the paper, “Piezoelectric Microfiber Composite Actuators for Morphing Wings,” by Timothy Usher (physics), Kenneth Ulibarri and Gilbert Camargo, published in 2013.

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