Los Amigos Spanish Club at Cal State San Bernardino won the university’s Leadership Award in Excellence in Diversity Programming.

“This is a very competitive award since there are more than 100 active clubs on campus,” said Bibiana Diaz, associate professor in the Department of World Languages and Literatures and advisor of Los Amigos Spanish Club.

With this distinction, CSUSB recognized a student organization for conceiving, planning and implementing outstanding programs or events, in which participants were exposed to a culture, social justice, artistic expression, tradition or historical overview of one or more cultures. 

Los Amigos Spanish Club is a student-run organization that provides all CSUSB students with a common interest in the Spanish language and culture. The club is dedicated to furthering the students’ understanding of Hispanic and Latin American cultures through various activities.

The club celebrates Hispanic culture all year round through events, such as Day of the Dead, Día Latino and Cinco de Mayo. The club also often collaborates with other CSUSB organizations for a variety of activities, programs and events.

To learn more, visit Los Amigos Spanish Club webpage.