Editor’s note: As part of CSUSB’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the university is showcasing a number of earlier stories highlighting Hispanic and Latino students, alumni, faculty and staff, along with programs and grants for the university’s diverse populations.
This news release was originally published on April 26.

Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15-Oct. 15

A taste of Latin America came to Cal State San Bernardino.

Inside the university’s Santos Manuel Student Union Events Center on April 25, tables were set up with food, snacks and displays, each representing one of the 16 Latin American countries, giving a taste of each nation for each student, faculty and staff member to sample, while students danced to traditional Mexican music played by Mariachi Zapata.

The event, Dia Latino, was to celebrate the various cultures of Latin America, said Bibiana Diaz, an assistant professor in the Department of World Languages & Literatures, which was one of the event’s sponsors, along with the Acto Latino Theater GroupLos Amigos Spanish ClubAssociated Students Inc., and the Santos Manuel Student Union.   

“We are giving samples of different Latin American cultures,” Diaz said. “We want to bring all the campus, but we also want to bring visitors and prospective students here so they can see our campus.”

One perspective student, Juan Torres of San Bernardino, liked what he saw.

“It’s really inclusive. It’s showing a little bit of each country,” said Torres, who hopes to attend CSUSB. “I really like it.”

The event included 50 students from San Bernardino High School, whose teacher brought them to campus for the event.

Communication studies major Valentina Sanabria, who is a native of Colombia, is already thinking of volunteering for next year’s Dia Latino.

“This is an amazing event. I love what they did covering every aspect of the country,” Sanabria said as she stood next to the Colombia display. “I want to expand on it next year and bring more attention to the culture.”