Cal State San Bernardino’s School of Social Work held its annual MSW Research Symposium at the Santos Manuel Student Union during the university’s finals week, highlighting the outstanding research projects of graduating MSW students.

The event on May 17 brought together a diverse audience of more than 150 attendees, including students, faculty, community partners, guests and speakers, to celebrate the students' commitment to addressing crucial social issues and the school's strong community alliances.

The symposium featured an impressive display of 60 posters in person and 29 online, which garnered high praise for their quality and ability to engage viewers. Judges, including representatives from community partners, lauded the students' work and expressed satisfaction with the seamless evaluation process.

The students' research endeavors focused on critical social challenges prevalent in the Inland Empire, encompassing areas such as poverty, health disparities, drug overdose, child welfare, and equity issues faced by racial/ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ+ community.

By tackling these complex problems and advocating for marginalized populations, the students exemplified their dedication to fostering innovative solutions and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable. Many of those research questions posed by the students were shaped by the concerns of these local social service agencies and the broader social work landscape. This partnership-driven approach ensures that the conducted research remains pertinent and impactful to the communities being served.

The MSW Research Symposium provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge and celebrate the achievements of the graduating students. The newfound expertise and skills acquired by these students will undoubtedly make a substantial difference in the lives of individuals residing in the region.