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Nursing Students’ Evolving Perceptions of Online Learning: A Hierarchy of Curriculum
Education Sciences

Henrietta Nwamu (nursing) and Anna Ya Ni (public administration) collaborated on a paper that examined students’ perceptions of the critical success of online learning factors. The abstract reads, in part, “While the ranking of critical success factors was similar for nursing and other students, the perceptions of nursing students were generally far more critical of the capability of online learning due, partially due to the perception that the online medium is less well suited to nursing education, and partially to instructional challenges caused by the rapid transition and chaos caused by the (COVID-19) pandemic.”

Inland manufacturing perks up … for now
IE Business Daily
June 3, 2023

The Inland Empire’s manufacturing sector showed signs of life in April, one month after one of its weakest showings in recent memory. The region’s purchasing managers index was 50 last month, according to data released on June 1 by the Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis at Cal State San Bernardino.

“Given the overall downward trend in the local PMI, this increase is not a cause for celebration yet,” said Barbara Sirotnik, director of the institute and a co-author of the report.

CSUSB student teams win startup competition
IE Business Daily
June 4, 2023
Team AxoTech, led by Lizette Velazquez and Gustavo Cruz, and Team Solubrin, led by Edward E. Timmons IV, placed first in the Product Track 1 and Product Track 2 categories at the Sunstone CSU Startup Launch Competition in May. Both teams represented Cal State San Bernardino.

“Congratulations to the student teams,” said Anna Long, assistant professor at CSUSB’s School of Entrepreneurship and the instructor for the Technology Commercialization class. “They all worked hard developing their products and companies in the past year and preparing for the competition. We are very proud of their success and look forward to great things from these entrepreneurs.”

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