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Grant helps expand master’s in social work program to CSUSB Palm Desert Campus
NBC Palm Springs
Feb. 23, 2023

Carolyn McAllister, director and professor of CSUSB’s School of Social Work, was interviewed for a segment on the university receiving a $2.25 million grant that will be used to expand the current social work programs at the San Bernardino campus and create a master’s in social work (MSW) program at the Palm Desert Campus, which will start in fall 2024. The grant comes from California’s Department of Health Care Access and Information.

Aztlán in the Pacific Northwest: Multiracial Solidarity, Cultural Nationalism, and Rural-Urban Migration within Seattle’s Chicano Movement
Pacific Historical Review

Diana K. Johnson (history and ethnic studies) published an article that “examines the multiracial politics of the Mexican American diaspora in the Pacific Northwest during the 1970s. In Seattle, Washington, Chicanos countered their small demographic presence and the city’s lack of a barrio through cross-racial solidarity. Activists built alliances with African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans and used the political power of multiracial unity to mitigate the struggles of ethnic Mexican farmworkers who relocated to Seattle. Facilitating this process, Seattleites of Mexican descent redefined ‘la raza’ (the people or the race) to mean ‘all the people,’ merging aspects of cultural nationalism with interracial politics. In turn, Seattle’s Chicano Movement helped bring community-led social services to numerous communities of color in the white-dominated city.”

How does the founding family matter in corporate governance? A study of the entrenchment heterogeneity among S&P 1,500 firms
Journal of Business Research

Zhonghui "Hugo" Wang (management) led a team that published a paper that “explores the motivations and mechanisms regarding the founding family’s contingent choices of governance provisions that facilitate managerial entrenchment, which can potentially threaten firm performance. By investigating S&P 1,500 firms between 2007 and 2017 and employing quasi-experimental treatment effects analyses, this study finds that family firms are less likely to utilize the E-index provisions than non-family firms in general.”

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