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CSUSB professor discusses role of cyberwarfare in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
The Sun
March 7, 2022

Tony Coulson, executive director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Cybersecurity Center, said the expected Russian cyber attacks as part of its invasion of Ukraine not materializing in a big way was a bit of a surprise.

“The cyber portion of the invasion is somewhat surprising in that many predicted that cyber would be front and center,” said Coulson. “In the sense of media manipulation, this has certainly been the case. Media manipulation has been in the Russian toolbox and they have garnered quite a reputation. The Ukraine side has certainly been able to counter the noise.”

But cyberwarfare isn’t the same as conventional warfare.

“Cyber weapons are very unique in that, unlike a missile, they can be captured and reused once they have been deployed in the wild,” Coulson said. “It may simply be a matter of economics — simpler to fire a shell at the power grid to knock it down than to launch a hack attack that may reveal capabilities that may be used against you in the future.”

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CSUSB professor discusses the challenges of solving homelessness
Inland Valley Daily Press/The Press-Enterprise/The Sun/Redlands Daily Facts
March 4, 2022

There is no one way people fall into homelessness, and no one group that makes up the homeless population, according to Rigaud Joseph, an assistant professor of social work at Cal State San Bernardino, who was interviewed for an article discussing solutions to homelessness.

“We have youths, young people, maybe foster care or former foster care, who cannot do assisted living,” he said. “We have LGBT youth as well. … We have veterans, many of whom refuse to stay in situations where they feel controlled, and they end up on the street.”

Building more housing as soon as possible is key to reducing homelessness, according to Joseph. The Great Recession led to another wave of homelessness when millions lost their homes, he said.

“That’s the main driver of what you see now: Their credit is messed up, they went through foreclosure, and they can’t recover from that. And now you’re competing with private equity firms (for housing),” Joseph said. “If you can’t afford land, what’s the alternative? Sleeping in your car.”

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CSUSB professor named director of new San Bernardino Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble
Redlands-Loma Linda Patch
March 4, 2022

A champion of new wind band works and works by underrepresented composers, Nicholas Bratcher, assistant professor of music and director of bands, plans to provide a unique artistic experience to members of the ensemble. 

"I'm very thankful to the San Bernardino Symphony Board for putting their faith in me to helm this endeavor and thrilled to be part of this creative team alongside Maestro Anthony Parnther and Principal Guest Conductor Lesley Leighton," said Bratcher, noting that the new youth ensemble of this potential caliber will be huge for the local area. Leighton, fellow CSUSB assistant professor of music and director of choral studies, was recently named principal guest conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra.

"This new ensemble will provide a great way for young musicians to improve their skills, perform with some of the best students in the region, and grow not only as musicians, but as human beings through the wind band medium," he said.

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