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CSUSB glass-blowing artists shine in Netflix competition
Redlands Community News
March 4, 2021

After a highly successful first season, the second season of Netflix glassblowing competition show “Blown Away,” once again features Cal State San Bernardino’s art professor Katherine Gray as the resident glass evaluator.

“I think for viewers who are newly fascinated by glassblowing that they are going to see some incredible things this season,” Gray said. “Even I saw some things that I hadn’t seen before.”

Season two also welcomes CSUSB alumna Nao Yamamoto as a contestant.

Yamamoto, who received her master of fine arts in studio art and design, noted that although she felt a lot of pressure and anxiety as a contestant on the show, she really enjoyed the overall experience.

“It was so much fun getting to know other talented artists, including the production team for the show,” she said.

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CSUSB professor writes on ‘Why the George Floyd tragedy occurred during the pandemic’
Psychology Today
March 2, 2021

Anthony Silard, associate professor of public administration, wrote in the Psychology Today blog, “The Art of Living Free”: “One question I have been asking myself is, ‘Why did the George Floyd murder take place during the worst public health crisis of most of our lifetimes?’ The question came to me during an hour-long phone call with a good friend, Daryl, an African-American senior executive of a Fortune 500 company who lives in Ohio. 

“Daryl shared that he was about to take a week off to process the toxic emotions he was still feeling, eight months after Floyd’s murder. It was like a one-two punch, he told me: the pandemic and then Floyd.”

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