Glass artist and art professor, Katherine Gray, makes her return as a judge on Netflix's hit series, "Blown Away," for its fourth season, which premiered on Friday, March 8.

 “Blown Away” is a reality glass-blowing competition that first aired on Netflix in 2019. The show trailer for season four indicates that 10 glassblowers will “turn up the heat for a grueling competition in North America’s largest hot shop for a chance to win $100,000.”

Blown Away host Hunter March and resident evaluator Katherine Gray
"Blown Away" host, Hunter March and resident evaluator, Katherine Gray

Gray, who has been a fixture on the show since its inception, first joined "Blown Away" as a judge in its inaugural season. Her extensive experience in critiquing artwork, coupled with her talent in glass blowing, has solidified her position as a respected figure in the glass-blowing community.

Gray shared some insights into what viewers can expect from this season.

"We have a new host this season, Hunter March, who was a previous host on the show, ‘Sugar Rush,’ and was really fun to work with," she said. "We also have a whole different slate of glass blowers, and they are phenomenal. The challenges are all different, and artists are pushed out of their comfort zones, which makes it exciting to watch."

Reflecting on her role in the show, Gray emphasized the similarities between critiquing artwork on “Blown Away” and her everyday work as an art professor for the College of Arts & Letters.

"It's a lot of pressure, but it's fun," Gray said of her role as a judge. "I love talking about art.”

When asked about her surprise at the show's popularity, Gray attributed it to the universal appeal of glass blowing. "I shouldn't be as surprised as I am that it is as popular as it is," she said. "I’ve done demonstrations in front of crowds before, and I can see how much people love to watch glass blowing in action.”

Gray expressed her gratitude to Cal State San Bernardino for providing her with the platform to pursue both teaching and her artistic career.

"I think because I’ve taught at Cal State San Bernardino for so long, that made me a great candidate for the show," she said. "I'm so thankful for the opportunities and the career that Cal State San Bernardino has afforded me."

As the new season begins, Gray is ready to once again bring her wealth of experience and passion for glass blowing to audiences worldwide, showcasing the beauty and creativity of the art form while inspiring a new generation of artists.