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Mathematics professor honored for her contributions to the field
High Desert Daily
Sept. 16, 2020

 Shawn McMurran, a professor in the College of Natural Sciences Department of Mathematics, was recently named the recipient of a Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Certificate of Meritorious Service for the Southern California-Nevada Section. This service award recognizes recipients’ contributions to the field of mathematics and the association.


Receiving the award “was quite an honor and a surprise,” McMurran said.

“Working with the MAA, both within my section and nationally, has always been a pleasure,” she said. “I’m grateful to all who have welcomed me into the MAA fold and provided friendship and collegiality throughout these many years. This Certificate of Meritorious Service is really a testament to the team effort put forth by all of us.”

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CSUSB launches School of Entrepreneurship, the first in California
Spectrum 1 News (San Fernando Valley)
Sept. 16, 2020

The cable television news site produced a segment on Cal State San Bernardino’s new School of Entrepreneurship, which was launched at the start of the 2020 fall semester. The school is the first of its kind in California and one of only 15 in the world. 

“We need more entrepreneurs than ever to be out stimulating the economy,” said Mike Stull, a professor of entrepreneurship and director of the university’s Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, who serves as the school’s director. The school teaches its students to think like business owners, and gives them the opportunity to start their own businesses while still enrolled and with the guidance of mentors.

“The new higher education format is fostering entrepreneurship among the most diverse student population of any university in the Inland Empire,” the newscast reported. “At CSUSB, more than 80 percent of those who graduate are the first in their families to do so.”

Watch the full segment at “CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship - Spectrum News Feature - Sept 2020.

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Controversial social media posts by LA County sheriff’s deputy provide a teachable moment, CSUSB professor says
Fox 11 Los Angeles
Sept. 17, 2020

California State University, San Bernardino criminal justice professor Brian Levin, who also is director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, commented on the case of a Los Angeles Cunty Sheriff’s Department public information officer posting on social media controversial comments on a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter who ambushed two deputies in Compton on Sept. 12.

The posts, since deleted and widely condemned, by Deputy Juanita Navarro read “My advice to all the ex-girlfriends, side pieces, friends, wifey, ol’ lady, dime, queen, baby momma who know the Compton ambush shooter of 2 LA Sheriff’s … “Make that money girl.” 

Her second post shows a Black man counting dollar bills as she wrote “and here’s the neighborhood homies and enemies “bout to come up” on that $100,000 reward because… $100,000 is $100,000.”

Levin says this is a teachable moment. And people in public positions need to be very careful with anything they post.

“A public relations professional should avoid any invocation of offensive stereotypes that are based on race, religion, sexual orientation and other identity characteristics particularly when there is tension in the community that they are serving,” Levin said.

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CSUSB professor comments on news reports about Trump and talk of assassinating Syrian president
Press TV
Sept. 16, 2020

David Yaghoubian, CSUSB professor of history, was interviewed about news reports that U.S. President Donald Trump said he wanted to assassinate the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2017 but was opposed by then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. Trump’s latest statements contradict his remarks in 2018, in which he dismissed any intention of assassinating the Syrian president as “total fiction.”

“Serial liars can never keep their stories straight,” Yaghoubian said. “It’s just a well known fact that Trump is a serial liar. There are just scores of cases of his blatant lies, and then later of him coming out and saying essentially the opposite, and denying, in some cases, having said things that are completely on the record.”

The latest is an example heading into the November presidential election of Trump “trying to appeal to his Zionist and evangelical Christian base by expressing his interest in killing the Syrian president.”

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