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Earliest consumption of milk products by prehistoric eastern African herders topic of paper co-authored by CSUSB professor
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
April 13, 2020

Peter Robertshaw, chair of the CSUSB Department of Philosophy and emeritus professor of anthropology, co-authored a paper that examined molecular and isotopic evidence for milk, meat and plants in prehistoric eastern African herder diets.

he abstract, in part, said, “Combined chemical and isotopic analysis of ceramic sherds … from Pastoral Neolithic archaeological contexts in Kenya and Tanzania … provides chemical evidence for milk, meat, and plant processing by ancient herding societies in eastern Africa. These data provide the earliest direct evidence for milk product consumption and reveal a history of reliance on animal products and other nutrients, likely extracted through soups or stews, and plant foods. They document a 5,000-y temporal framework for eastern Africa pastoralist cuisines and cultural contexts for selection for alleles distinctive of LP 9 (lactase persistence) in eastern Africa.”

Read the complete article at “Molecular and isotopic evidence for milk, meat, and plants in prehistoric eastern African herder food systems.”

CSUSB professor defends WHO director criticized over COVID-19 response
April 13, 2020

Alemayehu G. Mariam, CSUSB political science professor, emeritus, wrote in an opinion column about the criticism leveled at the World Health Organization by U.S. President Donald Trump: “I do not believe there is a more severe and vociferous critic of Tedors Adhanom, the director general of the World Health Organization, than myself.

“I opposed Adhanom when his name was wafted in cyberspace and on the airwaves as a possible candidate for the top WHO job in 2016. My opposition to him has continued ever since. My past criticisms of Adhanom shall stand or fall in the court of world public opinion on their own merits.

“Now, I rise to defend the very man I have criticized relentlessly for years.”

Read the complete article at “WHO is responsible for America’s lack of COVID-19 preparedness? Not Tedros Adhanom. Donald Trump, that’s who!

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