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Francisca Beer – California State University, San Bernardino, director of Inclusion and Student Engagement/director of MBA programOnline MBA ReportAug. 16, 2018 Francisca Beer of Cal State, San Bernardino, recently met with to share highlights of CSUSB’s online MBA program.  CSUSB is ranked by as the 5th school in the west, and is known for its diversity of students, and working with students to balance personal responsibilities by structuring innovative boot camps to facilitate success and offering a guarantee of graduation in 18 months with their accelerated program. Read the complete article at “Francisca Beer – California State University, San Bernardino, director of Inclusion and Student Engagement/director of MBA graduate program – The Online MBA Report interview.”
CSUSB’s Peter Robertshaw interviewed by National Geographic on archaeology site in KenyaNational GeographicAug. 20, 2018Peter Robertshaw, an archaeologist and emeritus professor of anthropology at California State University, San Bernardino, was interviewed for an article about the Lothagam North Pillar Site in Kenya, the subject of a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. From gerbil-tooth headdresses to ivory rings, a site in Kenya offers an unprecedented look into a 5,000-year-old herding community. Robertshaw, who was not part of the study, “praises the work for its thoroughness, but notes that excavating a larger portion of Lothagam North may reveal overlooked patterns in burial positioning or wealth,” the article said. “Overall, the new study challenges our ideas about connections between monumental building programs and social inequality, and emphasizes complexity of ancient societies. ‘If we want to look at the full range of the human experience, sites like this open our minds to other possibilities,’ says Robertshaw.” Read the complete article at “Ancient riches discovered at mysterious burial monument.”
CSUSB survey: Local economy continues its steady growthFontana HeraldAug. 21, 2018 The Inland Empire economy is continuing its steady growth, and the unemployment rate remains very low, according to recent reports. This month's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) was a strong 61.1 percent, an increase of 58.8 from the previous month, according to the new Inland Empire Report on Business. 'The index has remained above the baseline 50 percent mark for the last 19 months, indicating sustained growth for both the manufacturing sector and the overall local economy,' said Dr. Barbara Sirotnik and Lori Aldana of the Institute of Applied Research at Cal State San Bernardino, the authors of the Report on Business. Read the complete article at “Local economy continues steady growth.”
CSUSB professor comments on an anarchist running for U.S. Senate in TennesseeThe OutlineAug. 21, 2018 Brian Levin, director of the Cal State San Bernardino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was quoted in an article about John Michael Carico, a declared anarchist who is running for U.S. Senate in Tennessee as an Independent. Carico, who is nonbinary and goes by Jae Em, wants to mainstream anarchism and push Democrats further left, mainstreaming anarchy as a political philosophy. But for that to happen, the article said, others in the Antifa (anti-fascist) movement would have to run for office, too. Levin said that Antifa members don’t have the organizational skills to burrow into mainstream politics like far-right extremists. “People join Antifa to overthrow what they think is an indelibly tarnished system,” Levin said. “They do not join Antifa because they want to canvas neighborhoods to register progressives to vote.” Read the complete article at “Meet the anarchist who wants to abolish government ... by joining it.”
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