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While white supremacists’ handout of propaganda increases at college campuses, CSUSB expert doesn’t see it increasing their ranksThe Orange County Register/Southern California News GroupJune 27, 2019 Brian Levin, director of CSUSB’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was interviewed for an article about the Anti-Defamation League’s report that said white supremacists’ distribution of propaganda material on college campuses has increased for the third straight year nationwide, with California seeing the highest number of incidents in which campuses were papered with fliers, stickers and posters. The report was released on June 27. White supremacists began to hit college campuses with propaganda after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in July 2017, said Levin, a criminal justice professor. During the Aug. 11 rally, hundreds of white nationalists, carrying items ranging from semi-automatic rifles and Nazi symbols to Confederate flags and tiki torches, marched on the grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, chanting “Jews will not replace us.” But, Levin said, the hate groups that participated in the rally imploded in the absence of leadership and after several were exposed on the Internet. “White supremacists have since been shying away from these larger demonstrations and rallies and have migrated to online recruitment and this hit-or-miss targeting of campuses,” he said. White supremacist groups also have moved away from swastikas and hoods, Levin said. “There are more references to how it’s OK to be white or the need to reclaim America,” he said. “There are also often references to the downfall of the Western civilization.” Levin said he does not expect these groups to recruit large numbers of people by posting fliers and stickers on college campuses. “What they’re doing is attempting to diversify white nationalism and to take advantage of the polarized situation we are in,” he said. Read the complete article at “White supremacists increased recruitment efforts at colleges for 3rd straight year, Anti-Defamation League says.”

Trump administration peace proposal of a $50 billion investment plan seen as a non-starter, CSUSB professor saysTRT World Now (Turkey)June 28, 2019 David Yaghoubian professor of history at California State University ,San Bernardino, was interviewed for a segment on a component of U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace plan for the Israel-Palestine conflict, which was presented by his adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner on June 26 at conference in BahrainReported the New York Times: “The centerpiece of the conference was a $50 billion economic investment plan for the Palestinian territories to, as Mr. Kushner put it, show Palestinians ‘what the future can look like’ under a Trump administration peace plan. “Palestinian officials have dismissed the idea of promising economic incentives before presenting a political plan as a cynical effort to buy off their national aspirations,” the newspaper reported. “I would like to be optimistic, but unfortunately I believe that is just completely a non-starter … It basically puts the cart before the horse, and so the critical political issues that arguably brought an end to the Oslo peace process (also known as the Oslo Accords, signed in 1993), or the decade or so in which the Oslo peace process was still being pursued – the final status of borders, the issue of Palestinian refugees, the issue of the nearly 500,000 illegal Israeli settlers living in the West Bank, that nature of the sovereignty over sacred religious sites – these are all issues that are arguably are the critical ones.” See the online video of the interview at “Bahrain conference: Interview with David Yaghoubian.” TRT is a Turkish public broadcast service.

CSUSB science research programs among those helping community college students decide on careers in scienceChemical & Engineering NewsJune 30, 2019 Cal State San Bernardino and its National Science Foundation-funded Center for Advanced Functional Materials, and its partnership with community colleges, is mentioned in an article about undergraduate research that can help set community college students on the path to careers in science.   The trade publication reported: “Several programs are geared toward establishing such relationships. For example, California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), through its NSF-funded Center for Advanced Functional Materials, is teaming up with several nearby community colleges to provide research experiences for community college students. The university provides support, but most of the research happens at the community colleges, where students participate in a paid ‘winternship’ during the January semester break. “One such community college is the College of the Desert. Multiple student cohorts have participated in a project there developing methods to detect sulfur and selenium in the nearby Salton Sea, (College of the Desert) chemistry professor Robert Guinn says.” Also, “All these programs have success stories of students who participated in the research program and have continued their studies at the bachelor’s and graduate levels. … Several students have successfully transferred to CSUSB, and one, Sarah Rodriguez, will start graduate school at the University of California, Riverside, in September, according to Kimberley Cousins, a chemistry professor at CSUSB.” Read the complete article at “Research programs at community colleges grow.”

Former U.S. diplomat’s tweet about attempted coup in Ethiopia sharply criticized by CSUSB professorZeHabeshaJune 26, 2019 In his column, Alemayehu G. Mariam, CSUSB professor emeritus of political science, took issue with a tweet by former U.S. diplomat Herman Cohen regarding a recent attempted coup in Ethiopia. “In 1991, Herman Cohen took a barrel of gasoline and dumped it on the fire of civil war burning in Ethiopia,” Mariam wrote.“In 2019, Herman Cohen is trying to do the same thing on smoldering ethnic fires.” Read the complete article at “Herman Cohen’s second ‘coup’ in Ethiopia? We demand an apology!

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