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CSUSB Project Rebound: Emerge from incarcerationPrecinct ReporterMarch 22, 2019 Just about everyone has heard of the school pipeline to prison, but Dr. Annika Anderson, program director of Project Rebound at Cal State San Bernardino, knows the biggest challenge is in reversing that process. Years ago, she wondered what happens when the formerly incarcerated stopped committing crimes, and when they set out to reintegrate back to society. She wanted to know how they are accepted, or shunned, in their journey through rehabilitation. Her interest hit close to home. Read the complete article at “CSUSB Project Rebound: Emerge from incarceration.”

CSUSB professor comments on reporting of hate crimes in article about documenting themProPublicaMarch 22, 2019 ProPublica published a primer on its ongoing “Documenting Hate” project, a partnership with more than 160 newsrooms now in its third year. Another key problem is that police training on hate crimes varies very widely. Only a dozen states have statutes requiring police academies to provide hate crimes training, and even if recruits do get instruction, it’s sometimes for as little as a half an hour. To improve hate crime tracking, “You have to have a combination of training, executive leadership, and some kind of infrastructure that is sustained and continuing,” Brian Levin, a hate crimes researcher and director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremismtold ProPublica. Read the complete article at “Hate endures in America, and with it our effort to document the damage.”

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