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CSUSB professor’s art exhibition on display in Ohio art museumThe Blade (Toledo, Ohio)March 27, 2019 The art exhibition “Katherine Gray: (Being) in a Hotshop” by Katherine Gray, Cal State San Bernardino professor of art, is installed in the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio through May 12. The exhibition shares the sensory qualities Gray has experienced over the years as a glassblowing artist. “There are a few smells that are pretty particular to working in glass in the hot shop. I think I felt a little nostalgic thinking, oh man, I’m going to miss this smell someday and thought it would be nice to preserve that, and it blossomed from there,” she said. “I started looking at other senses that might be activated in a hot shop — that feeling of warmth from all of the equipment, some of the sounds you hear. “There are obviously glass objects in the exhibition but I didn’t want them to be in the foreground, I wanted engaging the other senses to be a big part of the experience.” Read the complete article a “Experience glassblowing magic through all of the senses.”
CSUSB professor discusses Facebook’s ban on white nationalist content and its impact on recruitment KPBS (San Diego)March 28, 2019 After months of talks with civil rights advocates and experts on race relations, Facebook announced Wednesday it would ban white nationalist and white separatist posts on its platform and Instagram beginning next week. Professor Brian Levin is the director of Cal State San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. He joined Midday Edition on March 28 to talk about the rise in hate groups around Southern California and how Facebook's new policy could have an impact. Listen to the online audio interview at “Will Facebook’s ban on white nationalist content impact growing recruitment?
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