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Possible Jobs for Environmental Studies, Geography, and Global Studies Majors and GIS Minors/Certificate Students

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Possible Internships and Fellowships for Environmental Studies, Geography and Global Studies Majors and GIS Minors/Certificate Students

USDA Experiential Learning Internships: Projects are focused on natural resource and water-related activities, and the applicants should propose a project with an advisor from their campus, USDA agency, state or local agencies, or other approved organization. The Program targets students underrepresented in the USDA workforce, currently defined for this Program as Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, and disabled; however, all ethnicities are welcome to apply.

WRPI Community Water Internship Program (SAWPA): Students are encouraged to apply for internships that are announced for a variety of projects that build and strengthen relationships with disadvantaged and underrepresented communities in the Santa Ana River Watershed. This Community Water Internship program joins college students with local agencies to assist with engagement, public affairs, and education projects or programs.

Please check following organization for the other internship opportunities:

Upcoming Conferences in Geography, Environmental Studies, and Global Studies