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601 - 699 Educational Administration Series

May not be taken by undergraduate students

601. Educational Leadership and Ethics

Introduction to school administration including leadership, vision, and ethics. Explores the theory and practice of school administration and restructuring. The leadership focus includes shared decision-making, problem solving, change management, planning, conflict management, evaluation, and school culture and climate. Must be taken during the first quarter of the program concurrently with EADM 603 Prerequisite: admission to Educational Administration program or consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

602. Research Methods in Educational Administration (For MA only)

Introduction to qualitative, quantitative and action research for school administrators using APA guidelines. Includes a proposal for an action research project. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 and consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

607. Culture, Politics and Communication in a Diverse Society

Impact of educational administrators and collaboration with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources. Emphasis on understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 or consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

610. Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers

Supervision of classroom instruction including behavior management, using a variety of theories and models including developmental and clinical supervision. Planning and implementing staff development programs, procedures of documenting classroom teacher performance, and techniques of improving achievement of all students. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 or consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

613. School Personnel Management

Recruitment, selection and evaluation of personnel at all levels of employment, including progressive assistance, conflict management, and file building. Laws and policy development in relationship to school district and collective bargaining. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 and admission to the Educational Administration program. (4 units)


619. Policy, Governance and Legal Aspects of Education

Current laws and court decisions affecting public education with special emphasis on the laws of the State of California. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 and 603. (4 units)

620. Practicum in Educational Administration

CalAPA Support class for Assessment #3 (1 unit)

621. Fieldwork in Educational Administration

Administrative fieldwork at the elementary and the secondary school level, coordinated with the district. Consists of a minimum of 60 hours of administrative fieldwork experience at the elementary and repeated at the secondary level for 2 units and 60 hours at each level for a total of 4 units. Formerly EADM 628.

  1. I. Prerequisites: EADM 601, 610, 620, advancement to candidacy and consent of the program coordinator. (2 units)
  2. II. Prerequisite: EADM 601, 621A and 622. (2 units)

622. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Examines the California and national accountability systems and their impact on curriculum and instruction for both the school district and school site. Includes issues of norm and criteria referenced testing, the role of California state content standards in defining curriculum, instruction and assessment, and how diversity issues relate to accountability, curriculum, and instruction. Practice in use of technology for assessment and instructional decision making. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 or consent of program coordinator. (4 units)

625. School Finance and Business Management

Economics of school finances; evolution of the California School Finance Programs; fiscal relationship to county, state and federal agencies; school budget procedures; school accounting; financial management of categorical and special education funds; and the planning, financing, and management of school facilities. Formerly EADM 624. Prerequisites or corequisites: EADM 601 and admission to the Educational Administration program. (4 units)

626. Issues and Trends in School Administration

Current theories, research and program in school leadership with an emphasis in practice of social justice, access and student achievement.

  1. CalAPA Cycle #1 support class
  2. Public Relations & Communications (1 unit)
  3. CalAPA Cycle #2 support class
  4. Special Education (1 unit)

630. Internship Fieldwork in Educational Administration

Field experiences for students enrolled in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program, Internship Option.

  1. Formerly EADM 630. Prerequisite: consent of program coordinator. (2 units)
  2. May be repeated up to a maximum of 10 units. Prerequisites: EADM 630A and consent of program coordinator. (2 units)


692. Comprehensive Evaluation in Educational Administration  (MA only)

Review and preparation for the written comprehensive examination. Prerequisites EADM 601, 603, 607, 610, 613, 617, 620, 621A and 621B (or 630), 622, and 625. Prerequisite or corequisite: advancement to candidacy and permission of program coordinator. Corequisite: EADM 999. (4 units)

699. Master's Thesis in Educational Administration

Independent graduate research conducted under the direction of two program faculty members. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy, EADM 601, 602, 607, 610, 619, 621A, 621B, 622, and permission of program coordinator. (4 units)

999. Comprehensive Examination (MA only)

An assessment of the student's ability to integrate the knowledge of the area, show critical and independent thinking and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter. Prerequisites: advancement to candidacy, approval of department, completion of course work in the masters program, and in good academic standing. (0 units)