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What can I do with an Economics Major?

Anything. Private and public sector employers always need employees with strong analytical skills coupled with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. The economics major at CSUSB, with its emphasis on analysis, programming skills, and political economy and economic history, is well suited to this task. 

Employment Outlook

Individuals with a B.A. in economics can be found in a wide variety of fields and positions. Our alumni work for banks, local government, non-profits, real estate companies, and consulting companies. 

The employment and salary outlook for individuals with a B.A. in economics will remain strong far into the future. Employment of economics majors is expected to grow at least as fast as the average for all occupations.

Because the state of California requires that economics be taken at the high school level, the demand for secondary school teachers with knowledge of economics is growing faster than ever. Thanks to economics educators and faculty at CSUSB, economics is even a crucial part of the K-8 Social Studies curriculum.


Students who anticipate graduating within two semesters should speak with an Economics faculty advisor and set up an appointment with the Career Development Center in UH-329. The Career Development Center offers assistance in resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, and meeting with on-campus recruiters. Our course Econ 3900: Writing in Economics, also helps equip you with the tools to write well for job applications. 

Earnings of College Graduates by Major

A recent study sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that the median annual earnings of economics graduates is higher than the median annual earnings of all majors.

A degree in economics does not guarantee anyone a job or a high salary, but the economics major, with its emphasis on analytical skills, is highly valued in today's economy.