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What can I do with an Economics Major?

Private industry and government are in continual need of employees with strong analytical skills coupled with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. The economics major at CSUSB, with its emphasis on analysis, computer skills, and political economic history, is ideally suited for this task. An economics major provides entry into a broad spectrum of career opportunities ranging from analyst positions, management, and marketing, to teaching, research, and political consultation. In addition, the B.A. in economics provides an excellent background for various graduate programs, including law, politics, economics, and business.

Employment Outlook

Individuals with a B.A. in economics can be found in a wide variety of fields and positions. While the most common entry level positions are in the area of management, marketing, finance, and analysis, economics baccalaureates can also be found in government, international agencies, teaching positions, non-profit agencies, and political consulting. The student should realize that individuals with a B.A. in economics seldom get hired as an 'economist,' instead, the economics graduate is hired for the strong analytical skills and knowledge of the economy that the major provides. Because of this, the employment and salary outlook for individuals with a B.A. in economics will continue to remain strong far into the future. Employment of economics majors is expected to grow at least as fast as the average for all occupations through the year 2005. And because the state of California now requires that economics be taught at the high school level, the demand for secondary school teachers with knowledge of economics is growing faster than ever.


Students who anticipate graduating within three quarters should set up an appointment with the Career Development Center in UH-329 (Ph: 537-5250). The Career Development Center offers assistance in resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, and meeting with on-campus recruiters. Internet job resources include: After College, California Job Source, California State Civil Service Jobs, and

Earnings of College Graduates by Major

A recent study sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that the median annual earnings of economics graduates is higher than the median annual earnings of all majors. Based on data pertaining to 1993 earnings of bachelor degree graduates aged 25 to 64, the study noted that men with a bachelor's degree in economics had a median annual earning of $48,071. In contrast, the median annual earnings for all male majors was $42,498. A similar finding occured in the case of women. However, the only statistically significant data pertains to women aged 35 to 44. In this case, it was determined that the median annual earnings of women with a bachelor's degree in economics was $49,170, while the median annual earning for all female majors was $32,155. (Source: Daniel E. Hecker, 'Earnings of College Graduates, 1993,' Monthly Labor Review, v.118 n.12, December 1995, pp. 3-17.) While a degree in economics does not guarantee anyone a job or a high salary, these data indicate that the economics major, with its emphasis on analytical skills, is highly valued in today's economy.