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The Economics Department at CSUSB provides students an excellent liberal arts education. Students majoring in economics learn the basics of economics and receive a rigorous training in logical and empirical analysis.

Economics students from CSUSB have gone on to start their own businesses, take jobs within the financial industry and the government, teach in public schools, and attend law school. A significant portion of our majors go on to graduate programs in economics. Many have earned Ph.D. degrees.

Among the theoretical approaches represented in the department are mainstream economics, institutionalism, feminism, and political economy. By taking courses from faculty who do research in these various approaches, students gain a more valuable intellectual experience than typically provided by an economics department.

The department includes many outstanding teachers. Surveys of CSUSB graduates indicate that the Economics Department provides the best instruction of any major in the social sciences. Graduates have expressed their appreciation by contributing many thousands of dollars to special scholarships available only to current Economics students.