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Department of Economics

We are open and ready to support you! Virtually, that is. You can reach us by phone at (909) 537-5511 or via email at We will respond as quickly as possible. If you would like help from the Department Chair, Professor Daniel MacDonald can be reached via email at If you'd like, he can meet with you over Zoom at a mutually agreeable time. 


Both Economics and Political Economy study how individuals and societies organize the production and distribution of goods and services. Both fields are also concerned with the historical development of economies along with how various groups and classes interact within the economy.

All policy issues in modern societies have an economic and a political economy dimension, and so the study of Economics or Political Economy provides students the ability to understand many of the fundamental problems faced by society. Further, because both fields emphasize systematic thinking and the analysis of data, training in both these fields offer excellent preparation for a variety of careers along with excellent preparation for many professions and graduate school.

Among the theoretical approaches represented in the department are mainstream economics, institutionalism, feminism, and political economy. By taking courses from faculty who do research in these various approaches, students gain a more valuable intellectual experience than typically provided by an economics department.

Graduates from the Economics Department have expressed their appreciation by contributing many thousands of dollars to special scholarships available only to current Economics students.

The program learning outcomes of our BA programs are:

  • Majors will gain general and transferable skills, and
  • Majors will have the ability to analyze the economy and society. 

In addition, we aim to facilitate our majors' flourishing as individuals and as citizens. 

We have two BA programs: BA in Economicsand BA in Political Economy