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Department of Economics

Welcome to the Economics Department

We offer programs in Economics (B.A.) and Political Economy (B.A.). Both programs provide you with cutting-edge skills:

  • Problem solving using formal mathematical methods
  • A non-mathematical option, B.A. in Political Economy, with a strong emphasis on social justice issues and interdisciplinary coursework
  • Quantitative data analysis in Excel, R, Python, and other programming languages
  • Writing: communication of ideas and arguments through written expression, as well as job market preparation
  • Critical thinking: a thorough understanding of economic models and alternative economic frameworks

The B.A. in Economics offers concentrations in general economics, mathematical economics, and applied economics. Depending on your concentration, you will be prepared for professions in business, banking, policy, or graduate school. 

The B.A. in Political Economy focuses on the interaction between politics and economics and is ideal for government, legal, union, or non-profit work. 

Attention: Transfer Students! Associate Degree for Transfer

If you are seeking to transfer from a California Community College, you have come to the right place. An Economics-ADT degree from a California Community College allows a convenient pathway into Economics at CSUSB.

See here for more information. Many Econ-ADT programs at CCC's have you take Accounting classes as well; this can make our Applied Economics Concentration an excellent choice for your major! It is very popular with our students.

If your college does not offer an Economics-ADT degree, let us know; there are other ways to make your transfer process smooth.

Check it Out! Podcast about the Economics Major

Matt Markin teamed up with Dr. MacDonald, Chair of the Economics Department, to talk about what the Economics Major is all about at CSUSB. Check out the link here:


Median salary information by major, CSUSB graduates, 2001-2015 cohorts
Source: CSU-system administrative data, through CSUSB's Office of Institutional Research. Economics majors earn salaries that are competitive with a general Business Administration degree, as well as other social sciences.

A Tradition of Excellence

Our majors work in banks, government (local, state, and national), teaching, non-profits, and law, among other fields. Several have also gone on to Masters and PhD programs. 

Our faculty are internationally recognized for their scholarship and are equipped with the latest skills in their research fields. You will learn from professors who are devoted to their profession and their students. They are committed to helping you gain the most out of your time at CSUSB.

Graduates from the Economics Department have expressed their appreciation for our program by contributing tens of thousands of dollars to special scholarships available only to current Economics students.



Skills and Training for a Rapidly Changing World

The program learning outcomes of our BA programs are:

  • Majors will gain general and transferable skills, and
  • Majors will have the ability to analyze the economy and society. 

In addition, we aim to facilitate our majors' flourishing as individuals and as citizens. 

Learn more about our B.A. programs here: BA in Economicsand BA in Political Economy