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Majors & Minors

The Economics Department offers two B.A. programs:

Bachelors Economics

The B.A. in Economics has three concentrations: General Economics, Mathematical Economics, and Applied Economics. All provide the student with rigorous training in economic theory, data analysis, and the analysis of public policy. Each concentration is intended for students with different interests.

The B.A in Economics provides good preparation for a variety of jobs in the private sector, in nonprofits, and government. It also provides preparation for a variety of different graduate and professional schools.

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Bachelors Political

The B.A. in Political Economy. Political Economy studies how economies develop and how various groups and classes of people shape—and in turn are shaped by—the economy. Political Economy allows students to investigate how gender, race, ethnicity, and class shape the social world, including the economy.

The Political Economy major combines course work from Economics and other disciplines to create a coherent program investigating the behavior of the economy and society using a broader and more inclusive framework than found in standard economics programs. 

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In addition, the Economics Department offers three minors: