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Prison Education Project

Center for the Study of Correctional Education Partnership

Recently, the CSCE developed a partnership with the Prison Education Project, a program that works with local universities to offer educational workshops in prisons. Each year, CSUSB graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to teach in prisons in collaboration with a faculty member. Interns participate in the class alongside the incarcerated students and help to plan the class and facilitate activities. Students can enroll in ENG 5140 (Community-Based Writing) to receive credit for this work.

Here's what former PEP students have had to say about their experience:

“Ultimately, I truly believe that…working at the California Rehabilitation Center has made me a better teacher, a better student, and a better advocate. I value any opportunity to both teach and learn alongside other students and working with this group of students was no exception. I went in with some concern for the issue of mass incarceration, but now that I have seen it firsthand, I can’t think of a more important way to spend my time as a literacy educator.”

“All in all, this wasn’t just an internship. It had broken down the barriers between two different groups of people and helped us understand one another.”

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