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Physical Fitness Assessment

The physical fitness assessment will be taken once every semester by every cadet for a score. You need to pass each individual event as well as get an overall score above 75, but to be competitive you should strive to get about a 90 or above!


Below is the chart for Males and Females under 25 years old.
Event Male (max) Male (min)* Female (max) Female (min)*
Push-ups (1-min) 67 30 47 15
Sit-ups (1-min) 58 39 54 35
1.5-Mile run 9:12 15:50 10:23 18:56

You can find the official publication on the Air Force website under "Fitness Charts" as well.

*Minimum score per each event required to pass PFA (75% overall still needed to pass as well)

**Abdominal circumference has since been removed from the PFA