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Physical Fitness Assessment

The physical fitness assessment will be taken once every semester by every cadet for a score. This is the same test as the Active Duty Air Force physical fitness assessment. You need to pass each individual event as well as get an overall score above 75, but to be competitive you should strive to get about a 90 or above!


Below is the chart for Males and Females under 25 years old.
Event Male (max) Male (min)* Female (max) Female (min)*
Push-ups (1-min) 67 30 47 15
Sit-ups (1-min) 58 39 54 35
1.5-Mile run 9:12 15:50 10:23 18:56

You can find the official publication on the Air Force website as well.

*Minimum score per each event required to pass PFA (75% overall still needed to pass as well)

**Abdominal circumference has since been removed from the PFA