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Electronic Letterhead

Customized Electronic Letterhead

Provided in MS Word – Color – For Electronic Purposes Only – Not for Print

Order through CSUSB Printing Services 

Electronic letterhead design has been established for the convenience of attaching to an email or posting online. The electronic letterhead is provided by Printing Services in a Microsoft Word file with the same customized information as the official printed letterhead for individual departments.

It is strongly preferred that you use the full-color official printed stationery whenever possible. Generic letterhead is also provided in a Microsoft Word file with only the main campus information and no customized individual department information.

It is highly recommended that electronic letterhead files be converted to secure/locked pdf files to ensure the legitimacy of the letter prior to attaching to an email or posting online.

Electronic Letterhead Usage Policy:

For the campus to maintain a unified visual identity, this electronic letterhead has been designed to complement the printed letterhead and is intended strictly for use as an electronic communication tool ONLY, and not for use as a printable format.

DO NOT PRINT electronic letterhead on desktop printers, laser printers or campus copiers of any kind. Only official campus letterhead should be used for hard-copy applications.

For hard-copy applications, please order official printed stationery from CSUSB Printing Services. Official printed stationery is printed with very specific color specifications that match the exact standards necessary to properly print on fine linen paper, which is 30 percent postconsumer recycled. Anything printed from desktop devices or from outside vendors will not match the official printed stationery and will deviate from the unified visual identity of the campus.