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Completing your program on campus, online, or a mix of the two...

The MA-TESOL program can be completed entirely by attending classes on campus, entirely online (both for California and out-of-state residents), or by a combination of campus-based and online classes.  Your fieldwork experience (EESL 679, Fieldwork in TESOL) will be completed at an institution near your home.  Online candidates: you will be responsible for arranging this near the end of your program.
To register for classes, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Lynne Diaz-Rico (  Then view the MyCoyote Tutorial Videos.

Prerequisites and Classification

Pre-requisite Course.  EESL 521 (Technology-Enhanced Language Learning) is a pre-requisite to being fully classified into the program so you can be advanced to candidacy.  It can be taken after enrollment in the MA-TESOL program, usually in the first quarter. It is offered in both online and face-to-face formats, in the Fall only.  It is a lecture/lab course, so registration requires both sections 01/02 (on campus) both 70/71 sections (online).

Writing Requirement for Graduate Classification (WRGC).  The WRGC is fulfilled by a successful first draft of the assignment Prospectus in the EESL 670 course. Your advisor can help you decide whether to take EESL 670 in the fall of the first year or wait until the second year.  Those who do not successfully complete the WRGC in EESL 670 will take a writing course in order to fulfill the WRGC.

After successful completion of EESL 521 and the WRCG, contact Mrs. Shani Sims (909) 537-5293 and ask for Classification.

Advancement to Candidacy

After Classification into the MA-TESOL program, the next step is Advancement to Candidacy.  The MA-TESOL Graduate Approved Program Plan (GAPP), is used to contract with your advisor for your program of courses.  This must be filed with Shani Sims ( within the first 20 units of the academic program (see your advisor).

Graduation Requirement Check

The Department of Records in University Hall will facilitate graduation by certifying your courses.  To do this, they must receive your Graduation Requirement Check about three terms before your graduate.  If your miss this deadline, you’ll pay a late fee.

Candidate Assessment Portfolio

Candidates must complete and submit a Candidate Assessment Portfolio (CAP) in order to graduate.  The CAP provides evidence of your progress in the MA-TESOL Program. Please ask your advisor for a Summary Matrix to guide assembling the CAP.  It must be reviewed before permission is granted to take the Comprehensive Examination.