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Program Overview

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The M. A. in Education, TESOL Option can be a one-, two-, or three-year program. Many classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and evening for the convenience of practicing teachers. Summer courses are available. Credentialed teachers may be given service credit for their previous supervised training. Fieldwork placement is available at local elementary and secondary schools, as well as teaching opportunities at the English Language Program (ELP) on campus.

A TESOL Certificate may be earned fully online or by attending face-to-face classes. Four 500-level EESL courses comprise the Graduate Certificate taken through the College of Extended Learning on the basis of Open University. Any four courses can be chosen from the following: EESL 521, EESL 536, EESL 543, EESL 544, and EESL 545. (The Certificate is designed to be taken independently from the MA-TESOL and cannot beĀ earned while enrolled in the MA-TESOL degree program. However, if taken before matriculation, four of these courses can be transferred into the CoE master's program.)