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Tuition & Fees

Summer 2024

These fees will apply to all summer courses (including non-resident and international students) except for the Doctoral Program and all Special Session Programs.

CSUSB Students

Student Level Summer 2024 Tuition Fees
0-6 Units
Summer 2024 Tuition Fees
Mandatory Campus Fees
Undergraduate $1,665.00 $2,871.00 $276.42
Credential $1,932.00 $3,330.00 $276.42
Graduate $2,082.00 $3,588.00 $276.42

*Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

*Masters in Accountancy (M.S.A.) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

*Masters in Information Systems and Technology (M.S.IST) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

Doctorate in Education
Tuition (All Required) Summer 2024
0-6 Units
Summer 2024
Tuition Fee $5,919.00 $5,919.00
Mandatory Campus Charges $276.42 $276.42
TOTAL $6,164.19 $6,164.19

Non-Resident and International Students

Non-Resident Fee:
Description 1/2 Unit Full Unit
in addition to campus fees: $198.00 $396.00

Visiting Students

Open University
Courses Tuition per Unit
All Classes  $325.00

Other Student Charges

Some programs may require additional charges.  In addition, some classes may have a class/lab fee.  The applicable fee will be notated under the fee heading next to its respective class in the Class Schedule.

More information on cost of attendance