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Writing Center at PDC

Writing Tutors will work with students with various writing projects, such as class assignments, essays, research papers, lab reports, and scholarship letters. Writing is a process; we are here to help!

We encourage you to make an appointment or stop by at IW-203 for a drop-in. 


We offer In-person and Online tutoring options:


Bring a printed copy of your writing piece or be prepared to show a writing tutor your computer screen.


You will need to use your CSUSB Zoom account for your appointment. Be prepared to screen share your piece of writing through Zoom. If you need assistance, our tutors will help you.


How Do We Help?

Class Assignments: We can help you meet the writing requirements for your class assignments. We can NOT do your assignment for you. 

Essays: We can help you with all aspects of essay format. Ways that we can help you is with idea formation, citations, page layout, and revision.

Research Papers: We can help you with page layout, finding resources, citations, and revision. 

Lab Reports: We can help you with report layout, revision, and citations.

Scholarship Letters: We can help you with formatting and making sure your accomplishments are described the best way possible.

Writing Tutor Schedule:

Meghan (Zoom Link:

Tuesday                 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (In-person/Zoom)

Wednesday           9:00 am - 2:00 pm (In-person/Zoom)

Writing Resources

I’m looking for some Writing Tips. 
I have questions about Grammar and Punctuation. 
I want to start my Research. 
Where Can I Find Evidence For My Research Assignments?
  • The John M. Pfau Library is a great resource for finding credible research. You can access their databases through the library website.
I want more information on Citations. 
When Do I Use the Modern Language Association (MLA) Format?
  • It is appropriate to use MLA format when creating research papers for English composition classes or other subjects that relate to communications and humanities. 


I need help with MLA 9th edition. 
When Do I Use the American Psychological Association (APA) Format?
  • It is appropriate to use the APA format when creating research papers that relate to behavioral and social sciences. Sometimes. It may also be necessary in some cases to use APA format for a business paper.
When Do I Use the Chicago Format?
  • It is appropriate to use the Chicago format when doing history research. It is great for when you want your research to stand out against everything else. 
I need help with the Chicago 17th edition. 


For remote support, you can also utilize the San Bernardino campus Writing Center