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2017 - 2018 Funded Projects

  • Palm Desert Campus Adivising and Student Engagment
  • Simulation as a Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Health Care Programs in and Urban University Setting
  • The HUB (Helping to Understand Business)
  • Lasers for Cutting, Ethcing, and Engraving
  • Natural Sciences Peer Advising Center Computer Upgrade for Proactive Academic Advising Outreach
  • Laboratory for Instructional Technology, Phase I: Video Recording Studio
  • Public Speaking Lab/Studio
  • Visual Literacy Work Stations
  • Pfau Library Thesis Digitization, Phase II
  • Operation KIC (Keeping It Connected)
  • Virtual Reality Lab for Producing Engaging Instructional Content
  • Beyond the Mono, Behold the Stereo: Real-time True Color Stereoimaging and Quantitative Analysis
  • Palm Desert Campus Coyote Radio Station
  • CSUSB Mobile First Strategy: Standardization and Streamlining of Mobile Application Development
  • Scanning Electron Microscope for Exploring the Micro-universe
  • Assistive Technolocgy Sotware Licensing, Version, Support, and Maintence Unification
  • WorkAbility IV Technology Initiative
  • Increasing Computer Us in Biology Classes with "Instant Computer Labs"
  • Graduation Requirement Check (Grad Check) Online Submission
  • Instructional Engagement at RAFFMA for ALL CSUSB Students
  • Kinesiology Laboratory (PE 133-134): Physical Activity and Pedagogical Success Laboratory
  • 24/7 Study Area