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The Student Success Initiative (SSI) fees were put in place at CSUSB in June 2011 under the Chancellor's Office (See Expanded History of SSI at CSUSB ) and are additionally governed by Executive Order 1102 and a CSU Board of Trustees resolution. The fees, which are assessed in three overarching categories—Student Success, Graduation and Career Placement—are intended to improve advising and retention services, increase student development opportunities, expand access to critical technologies, and enhance career services. Students are consulted for advice on the use of revenues received from this fee, and the campus has developed a plan for accountability to ensure proper management of fee revenues. The president is delegated authority under Executive Order 1054 to increase, decrease, suspend or eliminate this fee as needed. General oversight and management of the Student Success Initiative is provided via a tiered structure comprised of the SSI Steering Committee and SSI Advisory Board.

Revenues from the Student Success Initiative Fee goes towards the following four (4) priorities which comprise the Campus' Student Success, Graduation and Career Placement initiative:


Advising and Retention

Student Development

Expanded Technologies

Career Services


Academic Year Fee Rate





$198.32*/academic year







* includes Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) increase of 4%

Semi-Annual Budget Updates