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Cost of Attendance


Class of 2027

Tuition and Mandatory Fees*
Program Tuition $18,970 per semester Includes electronic textbooks
Mandatory Campus Fees†

$5,331 for full 27-month program

Includes Student Union, Health Facilities, Health Services, and Student Success Fees.

Graduation Fee $75  
Total Tuition and Fees $138,196  


Estimated Associated Program Cost
Textbooks $500 Most required textbooks are offered electronically through the MSPA program. This cost reflects textbooks not included in tuition.
Laptop computer


May vary based on features selected.

Diagnostic Medical Equipment and Supplies


Includes, but not limited to, lab coat, scrubs, and medical equipment. May vary based on features selected.

Background Check and Urine Drug Screens


$125 each occurrence. Additional may be required by the program or clinical sites.

Health Insurance
(Individual plan for low-income applicant ~$100/mo. x 12 mos.)


Estimated rate varies based on total household income.

For more information, go to:

Students | Covered California™

Professional Memberships


AAPA Student Membership ($75 one-time fee) is required.

CAPA Student Membership ($30 per year) is highly recommended.

Total Associated Program Cost



Total Estimated Program Cost of Attendance‡: $144,521

Total Estimated Living and Transportation Costs (For 27-month Program)


(One-bedroom apartment $1,814/mo. x 27 mos.)


For informational purposes only: In accordance with California Assembly Bill 990, California State University, San Bernardino provides the typical market cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the City of San Bernardino area.



Estimated annual cost of $7501.



Cost based on average from commuter, on-campus, and off-campus estimates.

Parking Fee†


Cost based on parking on campus year-round.

Total Estimated Living and Transportation Expenses



*Tuition and fees are subject to increase. CSUSB reserves the right, with or without notice, to change rates when necessary. 
†Represents current published rates. Rates are subject to change.
‡Total estimated program cost based on 27-month matriculation

Student Health Insurance

All MSPA program students are required to maintain health insurance to help cover the cost of health care received by providers outside the Student Health Center. Through campus fees, MSPA students are automatically eligible for free health and counseling care at the Student Health Center and Counseling and Psychological Services. Although basic health care is provided by the Student Health Center, major illness, and injury, as well as certain conditions requiring a specialist or hospitalization, are beyond the scope of service. Students requiring additional care will be referred to an outside provider.

For more information on health insurance, please visit the Student Health Center page on insurance and eligibility.