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Most of our participants have created posters or videos describing strategies they have implemented in the classroom as a result of participating in an ISSUES-X activity. A selection of these posters can be found on the CSUSB ScholarWorks site

Project Team:

A description of how ISSUES-X assisted faculty with the pivot to online learning early in the COVID-19 pandemic was published in a special edition of the Journal of College Science Teaching.  

"Faculty Learning Communities Facilitated the Rapid Pivot to Online Teaching and Learning", Talyn, B., Callori, S. J., Cerwin, K., Chao, M., Cousins, K.R., Hood, C., McGill, S. F., Metcalf, A. E., and Woodney, L., 2021, Journal of College Science Teaching, 51, 19-26.  


Founding team member Kim Costino published an article on the Community of Practice model the ISSUES-X project is based upon in a volume of Metropolitan Universities entitled Equity and Inclusion: Expanding the Urban Ecosystem. 

"Equity-Minded Faculty Development: An Intersectional Identity-Conscious Community of Practice Model for Faculty Learning", Costino, Kimberly, 2018, Metropolitan Universities, 29.


ISSUES-X faculty have presented their work at numerous conferences over the years, including:

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities
  • WASC Academic Resources Conference
  • CSUSB Graduation Initiative 2025 Summit

ISSUES-X was part of the Feb 4, 2021 webinar hosted by CSU STEM-NET on exemplar NSF IUSE grant-funded programs in the CSU. The presentation focused on both the success of the project to date, and the lessons learned.